• An eddy current testing (ECT) instrument should be a complete platform that delivers inspection productivity with a focus on portability, ease of use, the ability to upgrade and low total cost of ownership.

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  • Advanced focusing techniques in phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) can make a difference. With the right instrument, technicians can make faster, more accurate inspections virtually anywhere the job takes them.

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New at Zetec

  • Zetec has released a new on-demand webinar featuring real-world techniques and case studies on an optimal ultrasonic inspection solution for HDPE (high-density polyethylene) butt fusion joints. Click here to view and download the webinar. Due to its exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion, HDPE is increasingly being used instead of carbon steel for low-pressure and low-temperature pipe applications in petrochemical, power generation, […] Read more

  • Zetec today introduced EMERALD, an advanced compact, industrial phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) system with the most powerful and versatile Total Focusing Method (TFM) image processing capability in its class. EMERALD delivers industrial-grade PAUT acquisition and TFM analysis tools in an easy-to-integrate package. Designed for rugged environments and challenging nondestructive testing applications in oil and […] Read more

  • Zetec introduces the new 64 & 128 coil Surf-X eddy current array tape probes. Thanks to its highly flexibility design and high sensitivity of surface breaking indications, these new tape probe additions to the Surf-X family unlock a wider range of surface inspection applications across numerous industries. Read more

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