• An eddy current testing (ECT) instrument should be a complete platform that delivers inspection productivity with a focus on portability, ease of use, the ability to upgrade and low total cost of ownership.

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  • Advanced focusing techniques in phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) can make a difference. With the right instrument, technicians can make faster, more accurate inspections virtually anywhere the job takes them.

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New at Zetec

  • Zetec Inc. has published its latest on-demand webinar detailing a more effective approach to one of the most common and critical nondestructive testing applications in aerospace MRO (maintenance, repair and operations): inspections of bolt holes in multi-layer materials. The 40-minute webinar will discuss and demonstrate how using high-resolution C-scans and dedicated analysis displays for rotating […] Read more

  • Zetec introduces the new depth sizing feature now available on the MIZ-21C handheld instrument for conventional probes and Eddy Current Array (ECA). Depth sizing is a critical need in many inspection applications to determine crack depth, the extent of corrosion penetration, or other types of flaw sizing. Inspection confidence simplified with the MIZ-21C. Read more

  • Zetec has released a new on-demand webinar featuring real-world techniques and case studies on an optimal ultrasonic inspection solution for HDPE (high-density polyethylene) butt fusion joints. Due to its exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion, HDPE is increasingly being used instead of carbon steel for low-pressure and low-temperature pipe applications in petrochemical, power generation, mining and other industries. The 30-minute webinar outlines robust, […] Read more

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