• An eddy current testing (ECT) instrument should be a complete platform that delivers inspection productivity with a focus on portability, ease of use, the ability to upgrade and low total cost of ownership.

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  • Advanced focusing techniques in phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) can make a difference. With the right instrument, technicians can make faster, more accurate inspections virtually anywhere the job takes them.

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New at Zetec

  • Zetec has posted a new on-demand webinar. The session discusses nozzle weld inspections using phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT) techniques including ray-tracing, scanner simulation and coverage maps to produce full 3D visualizations of the component and defects. Click here to register, download and view the webinar anytime. The 30-minute webinar presents an innovative inspection approach […] Read more

  • Zetec today introduced the ElbowFlex scanner for quick, manual ultrasonic inspections of pipe elbows in oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and other industrial applications. ElbowFlex is the perfect tool for measuring wall thickness and detecting flow accelerated corrosion on elbows with diameters ranging from 4 inches NPS (4.5 inches) to flat. Its 1D flexible linear […] Read more

  • Zetec introduces a new application note covering the piper aircraft bolt hole inspection included in Piper Aircraft’s service bulletin SB 1345. Zetec’s MIZ-21 is an approved equivalent instrument as listed in this service bulletin. The application note is now posted in our “Learn” section. Read more

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