The Inspection Advantage

zetec inspection advantage pillars

Zetec delivers the inspection advantage

The Inspection Advantage is built on the four core strengths below that make a difference for our customers in every nondestructive testing (NDT) product and solution we deliver. Results-Driven Expertise, Customer-First Innovation, Leading-Edge Solutions and World-Class Manufacturing Quality.

These Zetec core strengths combine to provide our customers with an unbeatable NDT inspection advantage: higher confidence and control.

  • Results-Driven Expertise

    For 50 years, Zetec has advanced the science and standards in NDT—setting new levels of performance, productivity and predictability. Zetec’s knowledge base and practical, proven expertise make a difference for our customers in every solution we deliver.


  • Customer-First Innovation

    We continuously invest in bringing advanced technology that customers need to the inspection space. Our customer-centric innovation culture is more important than ever, as the speed of business has accelerated in the industries we serve.


  • Leading-Edge Solutions

    Zetec serves as a single source for both eddy current and ultrasonic inspection solutions. We provide a wide array of products and integrated NDT solutions, from needs assessment through delivery, installation and support. Our Applications Team specializes in integrating our products to meet unique customer needs, from consulting and custom engineering to regulatory support.


  • World-Class Manufacturing Quality

    Zetec’s high-performance NDT products are built on integrated design, engineering and manufacturing—a cohesive approach that optimizes product performance. Being our own manufacturer enables us to build everything we know into features and functionality that make a difference to our customers.