Sales Team

Collaborative teams for customer satisfaction

Zetec Sales teams are the solutions teams. They’re made up of industry professionals with technical expertise who work closely with you to identify and solve your NDT challenges.  

Our Sales teams are strategically located around the globe to provide you with immediate access to the highest level of sales and technical assistance.  

Our commitment to innovation in providing you with sales support is as strong as our commitment to developing innovative technological solutions that meet your company’s needs. We’re friendly, flexible, knowledgeable, and 100% focused on you.  

We are your trusted advisors, bringing 50 years of industry-leading experience to the table. We’re available to you whenever and wherever you need ­— on the phone, in the field, or on your site by your side.  

We pride ourselves on being proactive, by responding without delay. We’re always thinking ahead to provide you with support that protects your assets, builds your company’s knowledge capitol, and advances your competitive edge.  

Our Sales teams work in conjunction with our design, engineering and manufacturing teams to bring you the full value of our products and solutions. Whether it’s technical expertise, sound advice, training or on-site support, we’re always here to satisfy your inspection needs.

Zetec Sales Team

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