High quality ultrasonic testing solutions for complete inspections

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a practical and versatile nondestructive testing method that allows for a full volumetric examination of your components. Zetec is one of the world’s premier suppliers of ultrasonic testing inspection technology. When it comes to understanding your UT needs, we’re your trusted advisor. And from instrumentation to probes to software, you can count on us to provide a complete inspection solution that will help you realize a cost savings in the long run.

How It Works

A high frequency sound wave from a transducer is induced into material where anomalies in the material create echoes that are sensed for evaluation by specialized ultrasonic testing instrumentation.

Inspections can be performed by manually moving a transducer over a component or by connecting it to an encoded scanning mechanism. Zetec can provide complete and integrated solutions for inspections requiring a single channel or multi-channel configurations.

The multi-channel ultrasonic acquisition units of Zetec are the systems of choice for conventional UT, phased array and time of flight diffraction (TOFD) applications. With high pulsing rate and data throughput, Zetec’s systems can tackle any UT applications that require high performance.

  • Instrumentation

    Our ultrasonic testing instruments range from high end systems to portable units, for inspections of varying complexity and unique requirements. More

  • Software

    Acquire, analyze, and manage your data. Best-in-class ultrasonic testing software from Zetec simplifies the NDE inspection process. More

  • Scanners

    Zetec scanning systems provide accurate and efficient scanning of surfaces. From corrosion mapping to weld inspections, there's a scanning solution that meets your specific requirements. More

  • Probes & Wedges

    Zetec offers a complete line of probes and wedges designed to tackle multiple field applications. Wedges come equipped with irrigation and fixation points for easy interface with a scanning mechanism. More