Ultrasonic testing scanners for greater inspection control and efficiency

Zetec ultrasonic testing scanners provide more accurate and efficient scanning. Our scanners are aided by our software for control of the scan to cover the inspection area and to acquire the scan data. From corrosion mapping to weld inspections, take advantage of one of our standard scanning solutions, or have us customize a scanning solution to fit your specific needs.

  • Motor Controllers

    Zetec offers several motor controls for scanners, depending on the equipment used and application.


  • NDT PaintBrush

    NDT PaintBrush is an evolution in the field of inspection solutions for the detection of wall-thickness reductions due to corrosion, abrasion or erosion.


  • WELD Crawler

    WELD Crawler is a highly flexible solution for control of the scanning during the inspection of multiple weld types, across various form factors and operating conditions.


  • MPS Series

    MPS series is designed for rapid ultrasonic examination of various pipe weld configurations with either phased array or conventional UT techniques.



    LATITUDE is a revolutionary, non-mechanized position and orientation encoding system designed for use with the TOPAZ family of portable phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) instruments.


  • FlexTrack

    FlexTrack is a versatile, automated X-Y scanner on a flexible track that can be configured for many inspection applications of aerospace structures, in production and maintenance.


  • NDT Sweeper

    NDT Sweeper is a manual 2D encoded scanner designed for both flat and curved surfaces and is ideal for a range of applications including long seam weld inspections and corrosion mapping.


  • ElbowFlex

    The ElbowFlex scanner is the perfect tool for quick, manual ultrasonic inspections of pipe elbows.