Total Focusing Method (TFM) Resources

total focusing method resources

The total focusing method (TFM) and full matrix capture (FMC) have been available on industry-leading portable phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) instruments for several years, including the Zetec TOPAZ64. This newer technology is being applied on-site in various industries more than ever before. The recording of raw FMC data together with “live” TFM frames or standard PAUT data adds flexibility for using alternative wave modes or advanced reconstruction algorithms, thus providing additional information for characterization and sizing of challenging flaws. Zetec is a leader in this space offering inspection solutions with high-performance, advanced focusing technique capabilities.

The following tools and resources covering these newer technologies are designed to provide valuable insights about the benefits of advanced ultrasonic techniques and their implementation.

From webinars, articles and whitepapers to videos, these tools can help NDT technicians maximize the efficiency and accuracy of a code-compliant inspection.


Advanced Focusing Techniques for Improved Ultrasonic Inspections

Maximizing Performance of TFM and FMC Inspections

White Paper

Advanced Focusing Techniques


How the Acoustic Field Tool in TOPAZ Helps Operators Maximize Coverage and Detection Capabilities of PAUT and TFM Inspections

How FMC and TFM Work Together for More Effecive Ultrasonic Inspections

How TOPAZ64 Helps Operators Maintain Code Compliant Amplitude Fidelity

Videos (on YouTube)

TOPAZ64 and Basic Principles of FMC, TFM and SFT

The Benefits and Key Parameters of TFM and STF with TOPAZ64

TOPAZ64 FMC and TFM Case Studies

Weld Inspection with TFM and TOFD

Weld NDT Demonstration: Multi-Group Live TFM & TOFD

Acoustic Field Tool on UltraVision Software for TOPAZ Instruments


TOPAZ64 portable, fully integrated phased array ultrasonic instrument with TFM

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