Our Velocity PC Software is the most efficient tool you can use for data acquisition, analysis and management. It has been customized for the balance-of-plant (BOP) and heat exchanger (HX) markets. It’s easy to use, offering you improved analysis data filtering capabilities. The release of Velocity software version 1.18.0 is now available.

Velocity operates via three modules for each activity – Velocity/AQ for data acquisition, Velocity/AN for data analysis, and Velocity/DM for data management. Each module has been perfected with the support of decades of experience in the BOP and steam generator eddy current inspections.

The ultimate surface array solution

When Velocity software is used along with the Zetec MIZ®-200 Eddy Current Array Instrument plus the Surface Array Flex Probe, it’s a complete solution engineered to work better together. Zetec delivers the highest performance, most dependable and fastest surface inspection solution in the market.

The optimal BOP tubing array solution

Velocity software combined with the Zetec CXB4 probe provides axial and circumferential cscan/waterfalls. Each display has optimized the analysis process by providing the user the ability to differentiate between axial and circumferentially oriented indications. This technology is unique in the industry and delivers a simplified approach to determining the orientation of indications.