Eddynet PC Software


Acquire, analyze and manage your data

Eddynet PC software bundle is the premier software system for eddy current steam generator inspections. The release of Eddynet PC software version 1.18.0 is now available.

The bundle includes the following modules – which can be licensed and used together or separately.

Data Acquisition Eddynet/AQ has the features you need to run your eddy current instruments, probe pushers, and robotics for efficient data acquisition. It’s tightly integrated with other Eddynet PC platform products.

Data Analysis Eddynet/AN has all of the necessary features to analyze, review and report on any eddy current data that you acquired during your inspection.

Data Management Eddynet/DM gives you the management functionality necessary to execute planning, tracking, and reporting on the eddy current data that was analyzed during your inspection.