Probe Delivery

Probe Delivery for faster inspections and analysis

Our probe delivery systems work with proprietary software for an integrated solution to your inspection needs. They provide faster inspection and analysis, easy-to-follow scans, and maintain computer-based data records and reports.

  • Compact ZR-100 inspection and repair robot

    This agile robot is industry leading for speed of inspection by running more than one in a single steam generator at a time which multiplies the data collection rate.  The ZR-100's small footprint and unique motion provide the ultimate inspection flexibility.


  • Integrated MIZ-80iD probe pusher and instrument

    This advanced probe delivery system comes with an integrated eddy current instrument which increases signal quality and reduces cables.  The efficient configuration of the MIZ-80iD is perfectly suited for tubing inspections of steam generator.


  • Dependable 10D probe pusher

    For steam generator inspections when using a stand alone instrument this probe delivery system is the ideal choice. It utilizes a custom slip ring design for high probe signal quality.


  • High Speed 3D probe pusher

    This highly dependable and powerful probe pusher system is an ideal cost effective solution for heat exchangers and condensers.  The HS 3D is built for endurance.