UltraVision ET


UltraVision ET leverages the simplicity of the industry proven UltraVision software interface for Ultrasound and applies it to the eddy current heat exchanger (HX) tubing inspection process.

Users will enjoy easy job set-up and technique configuration for faster inspections. The intuitive user workflow enables the user to easily step through a Bobbin, RFT, or MFL inspection process for heat exchanger tubing. UltraVision ET provides a powerful platform for eddy current data acquisition, analysis, and reporting in one simple, easy-to-use application.

Powerful eddy current solution for heat exchanger tubing inspections

When Ultravison ET software is used with the Zetec MIZ-200 Eddy Current instrument and bobbin probes, it creates a powerful solution for the BOP market. Zetec delivers some of the highest performance, most dependable and fastest heat exchanger inspection solutions in the market.