Highly flexible aerospace inspection scanner

FlexTrack is a versatile, automated X-Y scanner on a flexible track that can be configured for many inspection applications of aerospace structures, in production and maintenance.

The FlexTrack scanner comprises of a motorized actuator installed on a module that moves on a flexible track. It allows for raster scan in both directions, with the arm being the scan axis and the track the index axis, and vice-versa. The probe is installed on a suspension and can be oriented
parallel to the arm or perpendicular. The arm can be removed from the track displacement module for transportation, storage and installation on components.

The scanner is provided with one or two flexible tracks. The tracks can be linked together creating an infinite track while scanning: when the scanner is on the next track, the first one can be disconnected and placed in front of the scanner. The tracks feature vacuum cups, so they can be put on a composite surface for example. Each cup has an independent venturi system, so if one or a few cups do not have full seal, it won’t affect the remaining suction cups.