NDT Inspection Innovations That Keep the Transportation Industry Moving

The key to success for the transportation industry is the assurance that assets are available, operational, safe and reliable. At Zetec, we have over 50 years of experience employing nondestruction testing solutions across a range of applications. This experience allows us to develop products that deliver efficiency, accuracy and meet the requirements of the aerospace and railway segments. Our standard eddy current and ultrasound technology solutions are built to satisfy expectations. And our in-house experts can customize solutions and consult with customers to meet exclusive needs.

  • Aerospace

    The impact of our products and solutions make us an integral part of the aerospace segment. Many of our innovations are now included in manufacturing and maintenance specs. Discover our aerospace solutions.


  • Automotive

    Our products enhance the accuracy and efficiency of crack and hardness testing in the automotive industry. We’ve developed innovative solutions built to operate right on a production line, capturing defects of critical automotive components. Discover our automotive inspection solutions.


  • Railway

    From custom to standard product offerings, Zetec solutions are optimized for the unique requirements of the railway segment. Our UT and eddy current applications complement each other in the operation of rail as well as wheel & axle testing. Discover our railway solutions.