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NDT in the Automotive Industry That Improves Manufacturing Quality and Uptime

Drivers typically think of their automobiles as singular cars. However, in terms of manufacturing, they are collections of thousands of carefully engineered and precisely machined parts working together. If the dimensions of one are slightly off, this may result is a hard-to-identify noise in the completed vehicle. If a defect in a critical part slips through quality control, then the results can be a catastrophic failure of a vehicle’s engine, brakes, or other components later on.

Nondestructive testing (NDT) in the automotive industry is used to inspect automotive components after forging, heat treating, and machining to ensure they meet standards. Automotive NDT is also used to inspect the welds that join body panels and components together to ensure they obtained adequate penetration, are free of inclusions, and free of other defects that could compromise the safety or reliability of a vehicle. Zetec offers solutions for NDT in the automotive industry including ultrasonic and eddy current testing technology. 

Eddy current testing (ECT) is an ideal option as it features specific capabilities needed to detect discontinuities in automotive components quickly and accurately. Zetec eddy current instruments and probes help to ensure high-quality automotive components while improving manufacturing uptime.

Automotive Industry NDT Applications

There is no room for faulty components in the automotive industry. The slightest flaw could compromise the quality and reliability of the final assembled and finished automobile. Zetec provides the instrumentation, and probes needed for NDT to ensure the following key automotive industry processes are completed to specifications:

Heat Treatment NDT Inspection:

  • Shallow case depth
  • Short heat
  • Misplaced case
  • Delayed quench
  • Short quench
  • Air-cooled
  • No heat treatment

Validation of Material Mix:

  • Hardness variation

Crack and Flaw Detection:

  • Exposed metallic surface
  • Hidden metallic near surface

Thread and Feature Verification:

  • Partial, incorrect, or damaged threads
  • Oversized or undersized threads
  • Broken taps
  • Incorrect or missing feature
  • Missing holes

Assembly Verification:

  • Validate presence of external component
  • Verify existence of concealed over-molded part
  • Component orientation
  • Part quantity testing

Product Recommendations for NDT in the Automotive Industry 

In order to help you determine the right equipment for your automotive industry NDT needs, we’ve compiled a listing of Zetec instruments for the most common applications of NDT in the automotive industry. If you need a solution for a testing application that isn’t listed contact our team of experts, and we’ll happily help you find the equipment you need.

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Heat Treatment Inspections | Material Mix | Crack and Flaw Detection | Thread and Feature Verification | Assembly Verification


NDT Technology

Product Recommendation(s)

Heat Treatment Inspections

Shallow case depthEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Short HeatEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Misplaced caseEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Delayed quenchEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Short quenchEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Air cooledEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
No heat treatmentEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

Material Mix

Hardness VariationEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

Crack and Flaw Detection

Exposed metallic surfaceEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

MIZ-200 High-Performance eddy current instrument
Hidden metallic near surfaceEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

MIZ-200 High-Performance eddy current instrument

Thread and Feature Verification

Partial, incorrect, or damaged threadsEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Oversized or undersized threadsEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Broken tapsEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Incorrect or missing featureEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Missing holesEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

Assembly Verification

Validate presence of external componentEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Verify existence of concealed over molded partEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Component orientationEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments
Part quantity testingEddy CurrentInsite HT & CT Instruments

Quality control in the automotive industry depends on NDT to ensure that automotive components meet the required standards for the industry. In order to enjoy the benefits of effective testing, automotive manufacturers should pair testing applications with the correct NDT solution. Zetec helps provide a complete suite of NDT testing solutions for the automotive industry.

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