Emerald System


Compact, industrial phased array UT & TFM system

EMERALD is a compact, phased array ultrasonic system that offers extreme performance. It is designed to handle the most challenging inspections conditions in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, In-Service Railway, Manufacturing, Heavy Industry and Aerospace.

Designed with industry leading phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT), total focusing method (TFM) imaging capabilities and time of flight diffraction (TOFD), EMERALD delivers fast performance and intelligent results. Featuring exceptional signal quality, it can achieve high amplification, without signal distortion.

With real-time multi-TFM processing onboard and offline, combined with full matrix capture (FMC) and plane wave imaging (PWI) data acquisition features, the EMERALD phased array system can produce faster and more detailed inspection results than ever before.

Unleash performance with intelligent features

  • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) up to 128 elements
  • Real-time high-speed multi-TFM onboard processing
  • 64 channel code compliant PAUT
  • Parallel firing and processing PA channels
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Multi-channel raw FMC encoded data saving
  • High dynamic analog signal amplification range

Experience the EMERALD difference for an inspection advantage

Multiple firing modes for more detail: Full Matrix Capture (FMC), Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) or Sparse Firing Mode (Fast TFM)* can be used to acquire data.

Onboard real-time, multi-TFM processing for faster results: With an onboard processing capability of up to 1M+ points per TFM frame and up to 8 simultaneous TFM reconstructions, EMERALD offers the most versatile and powerful TFM imaging capability in its class. Onboard processing delivers faster and more efficient TFM reconstructions. Save data on an external device for later offline reconstruction.

Multi-channel raw FMC encoded data saving: Data recording up to 128-element apertures and 2 x 64 element DMA (Dual Matrix Array) probes.*

Advanced focusing techniques: Sectorial Total Focusing (STF) combines the advantages of the industry accepted sectorial view presentation with the focusing capabilities of TFM. Live FMC or PWI data is reconstructed generating sectorial sweep with all angles focused in each point along the sound path. The summed A-scan signals are available for each angle, similar to PAUT.

Superior signal quality: With double stage analog amplification circuits and 16-bit resolution digitizing, EMERALD can deliver high amplification without signal distortion.

Fast, industrial-grade data throughput: EMERALD uses a high-speed 5 Gbit/second ethernet link for data transfer with cables up to 100m/300ft long.

Compact, rugged & scalable: With an IP65 designed enclosure, EMERALD can work in almost any industrial environment without external protection. Multiple instruments connected in parallel to the same UltraVision session offer almost limitless capability for complex inspection configurations.

Bipolar pulsers can penetrate through thick components: Bipolar pulsers can deliver up to 40% more acoustic energy for the same gain settings.

Two dedicated UT channels and up to 8 additional conventional channels or 4 TOFD pairs with the probe splitter module.

Driven by industrially proven UltraVision software

UltraVision is a complete PAUT and FMC/TFM inspection package that manages the entire inspection process including probe design (acoustic beam simulation), inspection technique development and validation, high-speed data acquisition, advanced data analysis and comprehensive reporting.

When working with FMC and PWI data, UltraVision offers the most complete set of reconstruction algorithms. EMERALD enables access to an UltraVision Advanced license when connected to a computer with UltraVision.

Integration and scalability made simpler

With high inspection data throughput and simplified integration, EMERALD is built for the most challenging industrial applications.

EMERALD’s I/O management is designed to simplify its integration in multi-instrument configurations. Encoder and critical I/O signals can be daisy chained between the instruments simplifying cabling requirements (no need for encoder splitters).

Each EMERALD unit can support up to 3 encoders, 12 inputs and 9 outputs signals.

While each instrument can fire 2 parallel apertures up to 32 elements on any number of PAUT probes, one UltraVision session can connect multiple EMERALD units simultaneously making EMERALD and UltraVision the perfect solution package for complex, multi-probe high speed inspection requirements.*

Probe splitter accessory for added flexibility

With a dedicated probe splitter module, EMERALD can connect two 64-element probes simultaneously. The probe splitter module also gives access to 8 additional conventional UT channels. It is available with IPEX
and ZPAC connectors.

With high inspection data throughput, intelligent features & simplified integration, the EMERALD phased array system can unleash inspection performance like never before. Experience EMERALD today.

* = available in a future release