RevospECT Pro


More analysis control with less resources

RevospECT Pro is the industry’s first commercially available high-powered, adaptable and scalable automated analysis system. It provides end users the power and control to perform comprehensive automated analysis of eddy current data. RevospECT has a proven track record in the field and meets rigorous industry standards for flaw analysis from bobbin, rotating and array inspection techniques.

Once configured for an inspection, RevospECT Pro will process and analyze data at an extremely fast rate utilizing its robust distributed processing power, often outpacing data acquisition rates and generating results that can be verified immediately by the reviewing data analyst. More importantly than system speed is the consistency of the results that are delivered using computer-aided analysis.

“With very little training I was able to run the RevospECT system, make calls and edit results. It is an extremely powerful and scalable system and I plan to utilize even more of its capabilities on my next inspection.”

Mr. Lee, ASNT Level III, Taiwan Power Company

For inspections, RevospECT Pro can be used in a primary or secondary role, or in a single pass configuration, saving significant time and money. In addition, RevospECT Pro is the foundation for delivery of value added tools such as noise measurement monitoring and automated HDC® (Historical Data Comparison) which are processed in parallel with the core analysis for timely results. RevospECT Pro delivers the power you control.