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Inspection Process Improvement

Reduce Historical Data Lookup and Comparison Time by up to 80%

When managing nuclear, tube or plant non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections, applying redundancy of primary and secondary analysis, resolution and review is common practice. Sometimes this includes comparing current NDT inspection results against limited historical results to determine what has changed over time. These extensive efforts ensure that areas of potential degradation are identified early and without incident. However they are extremely time and resource intensive.

Today there is an approach that can significantly reduce time, resources and safety concerns around NDT inspection analysis. A system that can provide new, valuable information enabling better decision making and greater inspection accuracy, with more confidence.

White Paper

A white paper focused on “Next-Generation Historical Data Comparison” outlines this powerful approach. The document reviews:

  • The widening gap between safety and resources
  • Current usage of historical data comparisons
  • Technology advancements driving new capabilities
  • A new approach that can replace redundant systems and save time while increasing inspection accuracy

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