ET Software

Software solutions for eddy current applications

For more than 50 years Zetec has been leading the way in nondestructive examination (NDE) with inspection solutions, including our eddy current software products. We develop world class EC software solutions that help you perform your inspections with the highest quality and accuracy.  Our powerful software platforms and solutions deliver value, flexibility, and dramatically improve your inspection efficiency.  And Zetec continues to focus on software innovation creating value added software solutions for the nuclear and balance-of-plant industries.

  • Eddynet PC

    ECS Eddynet Collection 350x220Designed specifically for complex nuclear steam generator tube inspections, Eddynet PC delivers powerful performance. It benefits from the Windows OS to simplify network administration, file utilities use and printing operations. Eddynet PC can be utilized as a bundle, or as separate data acquisition, data analysis or data management modules.

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  • RevospECT Pro

    RevospECT Pro Dashboard 350x220RevospECT Pro is the industry’s first commercially available high-powered, adaptable and scalable automated analysis system. It provides end users the power and control to perform comprehensive automated analysis of eddy current data. RevospECT has a proven track record in the field and meets rigorous industry standards for flaw analysis from bobbin, rotating and array inspection techniques.

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  • Velocity

    ECS Velocity Collection 350x220Built on the Eddynet architecture, Velocity has been customized to the balance-of-plant (BOP) / heat exchanger (HX) market, bringing the same acquisition, analysis and management of data functionality as our popular Eddynet software.

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  • UltraVision ET

    fastacquisitiontoolset_webUltraVision ET leverages the simplicity of the industry proven UltraVision software interface for Ultrasound and applies it to the eddy current heat exchanger (HX) tubing inspection process.

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