Dynaray & Dynaray Lite


Ultra-high performance phased array UT instruments

The Zetec DYNARAY® instrument family sets the highest performance standard for phased array UT technology. Delivering unparalleled power and versatility, DYNARAY is optimized for inspections requiring 2D matrix arrays probes, long sound paths, low-frequency probes and complex geometries.

A range of configurations are available to meet your specific needs, from 64/64 up 256/256. DYNARAY instruments can drive a wide range of probe frequencies, from 0.5 MHz up to 20MHz with a pulser voltage up to 200 Volts.

Powered by UltraVision software

Driven by the powerful UltraVision software platform, DYNARAY offers advanced data acquisition and analysis. It can dynamically adapt focal laws to conduct inspections on complex surfaces. The unique 3-D environment provides all the tools necessary for the creation of components and visualization of examination data. Additionally, it can generate optimized acoustic beams through complex inspection surfaces.

Uncompromised performance

From a performance standpoint, DYNARAY delivers. The high data throughput helps eliminate any hardware speed limitations and can increase scanning speed. Plus DYNARAY instruments are capable of handling data files up to 20 GB and 16-bit resolution signals so no inspection configuration is too challenging.