Dynaray & Dynaray Lite


    Capable of handling the most challenging inspection applications

  • 2D matrix arrays
  • Inspection requiring long sound paths
  • Low-frequency probe operation
  • Inspection through complex geometries

  • Delivers performance without compromise

  • High data throughput, up to 20 MB/s
  • 2-D Matrix Array Technology – Up to 256 simultaneously active elements and up to 512 channels in total
  • Wide Range of Probe Frequencies – Drives low-frequency array probes (down to 0.5 MHz)
  • Hypertronics connectors
  • Flexible Inspection Setup – Up to 4,096 different focal laws with position dependent configuration for superior inspection quality on complex surfaces
  • 3-D Work Environment – Controlled by UltraVision® Software, offering 3-D work environment for creation of components and data visualization

  • Configurations to meet your specific needs

  • A range of configurations are available to meet your specific needs, from 64/64 (up to 64 simultaneous active channels) to 256/256 (up to 256 simultaneous active channels)