RevospECT HX Pro


Automated Analysis Software for Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspections

In these challenging economic times, it’s often a balancing act trying to improve heat exchanger inspection data confidence and making an efficient operation run better. Those involved in heat exchanger inspections often find themselves looking for answers to these difficult questions:

  • Are we consistently capturing every critical flaw indication?
  • How long does it take us to get results we can count and act on?
  • Can we easily see trends over time or re-evaluate previous analysis results?

RevospECT HX Pro automated analysis software can help. It automatically analyzes eddy current data from heat exchanger tube inspections as it’s being acquired. This helps eliminate many of the inefficiencies and inconsistencies that come from legacy analysis methods.

RevospECT HX Pro can help improve your component reliability and uptime. It elevates your analysis performance, all with an easy and flexible implementation.

Improve component reliability and uptime

RevospECT HX Pro delivers analysis results and reporting as you acquire data. This helps return your heat exchangers to service faster than ever. It can reduce unplanned shutdowns by easily identifying small changes that occur over the lifetime of a tube. Trends often missed in a manual process.

Elevate analysis performance with technology

As a field-proven commercially available software package, RevospECT HX Pro enables you to setup analysis parameters upfront. This helps reduce performance variability and subjectivity common in a manual process. Furthermore, repetitive and mundane tasks are eliminated through automation. So there’s less initial inspection data to review. This allows your analysts to focus on what they do best: identify signals of interest, evaluate them, and make the right decisions for your operations.

Easy, flexible and scalable

RevospECT HX Pro features a highly intuitive user interface. It’s easy to use and requires minimal training for you to get started. It can be implemented with little or no changes to your current procedures. Plus it works with most existing setups.

Experience endless deployment options, faster analysis and the ability to easily re-evaluate data anytime. RevospECT HX Pro automated analysis software offers flexibility and power in a simple to use package.

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