Downstream Solutions

Downstream solutions that increase inspection productivity

For downstream applications, Zetec products and solutions are designed to improve productivity with the confidence of 100% inspection coverage, every time.

  • Key Applications

    Zetec offers solutions covering a wide range of applications including the most common ones listed below. For applications not listed here, contact us.

    Pre-service Inspections:

      • Generic Weld
      • Limited Access Weld
      • Single Access Weld

    In-service Inspections:

    • Corrosion Mapping
    • CRA Weld
    • Generic Weld
    • Limited Access Weld
    • Single Access Weld
    • Carbon Steel Tubing
    • Dome end
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  • "The Zetec Topaz and Weld Crawler have allowed me to perform difficult phased array and TOFD applications with ease. The Topaz’s fully integrated system permits me to create setups and calibrate the instrument in minutes versus hours. The built-in Ultravision Touch software lets me change inspection parameters on the fly, saving lots of time. The Weld Crawler’s ability to quickly adapt from circumferential to axial welds and to curvature with ease, makes this product second to none. The Weld Crawler and Topaz together has to be the most efficient weld inspection system in the market. It makes for high production inspection at an advanced level of quality. My clients are very satisfied with the quality and expediency of my reports. Using this system has decreased my turn around time significantly. Purchasing this system has to be one of the best business decisions, that I have made."

    - Tibor Szabo, Owner, Polar AUT Services