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Austenitic Weld Inspections

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Phased array UT examination of austenitic welds (homogeneous stainless steel welds, dissimilar metal welds) has been applied and formally qualified for in-service inspections for more than 10 years.

Due to more stringent regulations on the use of radiography for manufacturing inspections of welded joints globally, other industries are showing increased interest in phased array UT as an alternative volumetric inspection technique, even for austenitic welds.

Although most of the elements of a “successful” inspection solution are known to UT experts, the implementation is still perceived as laborious, complex and expensive, and often requires either a high-end software package, or several packages.

A white paper titled ‘Efficient PA UT Inspection of Austenitic Welds “in Lieu of RT”‘ shows how a series of “standard” dual matrix array probes and wedge assemblies can be easily set-up using a portable, but high-power phased array unit and its embedded software, thus allowing for efficient and robust austenitic weld inspections. The performance of well-chosen dual matrix array assemblies will be illustrated with ultrasonic data from practical trials on various representative austenitic weld specimens containing artificial and realistic flaws.

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