Advanced handheld eddy current testing

Introducing MIZ-21C, the most advanced handheld instrument with surface array capabilities. The truly affordable MIZ-21C is ideal for aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation applications. Its ergonomic design, long battery life and intuitive touchscreen enable the user to inspect more areas faster than ever without fatigue.

With features that include depth sizing, fully sealed unit, excellent operating temperature range, up to 10 hours of battery life, large internal storage capacity and more, MIZ-21C maximizes inspection efficiency and value.

Save time and money

MIZ-21C is a fast, highly portable and cost-effective replacement for Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) inspections. The surface array option can reduce inspection time by up to 95% versus pencil probes.

MIZ-21C’s intuitive touchscreen and simple, yet powerful embedded software gets users inspecting in no time, offering quick set-up and hassle-free operation.

Inspect more areas

The MIZ-21C is designed for user comfort. It can be held for twice as long as other Eddy Current portable devices. The small form factor enables users to inspect hard-to-reach areas and components that other instruments can’t. MIZ-21C brings the power of surface array to places it has never been before.

Improve flaw detection

MIZ-21C features an industry-leading signal quality providing up to 25% better flaw detection capability. When coupled with surface array, users can be confident that MIZ-21C will deliver the most thorough inspection in its class.

Designed for a wide range of applications

MIZ-21C delivers an inspection advantage across numerous inspection applications including:

Depth Sizing for Cracks or Corrosion. Depth sizing is a critical need in many inspection industries to determine crack depth, the extent of corrosion penetration, or other types of flaw sizing.  The MIZ-21C uses depth curves that are established through a calibration process from a standard with known indications.  These indications are representative of the flaws that are to be detected.  Depth sizing can be done with conventional probes or Surf-X Array probes.  Near Surface or Far Surface (ID vs OD) must be defined due to different response.  When creating the depth curves, they can be defined by amplitude volts or phase angle and many types of best fit curves are available to select from to give the best results.

Detecting Cracks Near Fastener Holes. Pencil probes are an option for detecting small cracks in close proximity to fastener holes. The inspector uses a known crack or notch standard to set up the MIZ-21C signal display. Then, while scanning the test piece, the inspector can estimate the depth and length of surface cracks by comparing the phase and amplitude of the generated eddy current signal to the standard’s signal.

A fast, simple option is to use the available surface array capabilities of the MIZ-21C instrument and Surf-X Array probe. This approach can simplify the inspection and complete it in a fraction of the time compared to more traditional methods.

Multi-Layer Corrosion Inspection. Identifying corrosion is one of the most critical and complex aspects of airframe inspections. Changes in skin thickness as well as varying multi-layer structures usually make it difficult to recognize signals. The MIZ-21C has the power to penetrate thick sections. Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio helps inspectors distinguish even a small loss of material. Dual-frequency with mixing nearly eliminates the unwanted signals caused by varying air gaps between layers that can “mask” the signal of interest.

Multi-Layer Subsurface Crack Detection. Applying an Eddy Current Array solution featuring the MIZ-21C handheld instrument and Surf-X array probe is ideal for this critical aerospace application

Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement. Use digital conductivity measurements (resistivity) to characterize/sort materials. Directly measure the conductivity of metals and alloys, such as aluminum structures, using dedicated conductivity probes that have a broad operating frequency range. Or measure a nonconductive coating such as paint. The MIZ-21C offers a wide measurement range for both conductivity and thickness.

Three models to meet your needs and budget

  • MIZ-21C-SF: Single frequency, conductivity
  • MIZ-21C-DF: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner
  • MIZ-21C-Array: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner, Eddy Current Array (ECA)

For inspection applications that demand highly portable eddy current or eddy current array capabilities, the MIZ-21C is the only choice.

Cost-effective, highly portable surface array solution

When the MIZ-21C is used along with Zetec Surf-X Array Probes, it’s the most cost-effective, portable surface array solution in the market. This solution delivers significant inspection advantages over Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).