The latest version of MIZ-21C software along with support documentation is available. This software version can be used on any MIZ-21C instrument but requires Full Flash Update (FFU) 1.1.1 or newer. If you have FFU 1.0.9 or earlier, then please contact Zetec Customer Service at for a return authorization number to get the software updates.

MIZ-21C Software 1.4.1

Included updates:

  • Surf-X Array Probe Data Tracker
  • Secure Data Purge
  • Rotating Scanner Display
  • Bolt Hole Default Display
  • CSV Datafile Export

Previous MIZ-21C Software Versions:

MIZ-21C Software 1.4.0

Included updates:

  • Absolute and Reflection Bolt Hole Inspection
  • CSV Data Files
  • Scanner Improvements
  • High Pass Filter Range
  • Persistence and Erase
  • Start and Stop Acquisition with Rotating Scanner
  • Sunlight Display Modes
  • Customizable Default Display
  • Bolt Hole Default Filter Based on Hole Diameter and RPM
  • Figure 6 Filter
  • Quick Access Settings
  • Two Frequency Review Display
  • Continuous Nulling Filter
  • Multi-Channel Review Display
  • Cycle Position of Channel Display
  • Depth Curve Unit Type
  • Bandpass Filter Redundancy

MIZ-21C Software 1.3.1

Included updates:

  • Calibration Licensing
  • Added Info to the Test Report
  • New Coating Thickness Unit and Range

MIZ-21C Software 1.3.0

Included updates:

  • Depth Sizing
  • Balance Remotely for Any Technique
  • Skip Reflection Mode for Surf-X Low Frequency Probe

MIZ-21C Software 1.2.2

Included updates:

  • New Angle Mode
  • Adjust Rotation in 0.1 Degree Increments
  • Added Rotating Scanner Options

MIZ-21C Software 1.2.1

Included updates:

  • Surface Array: Manual Encoder Calibration
  • Expanded Surf-X Probe Variations

MIZ-21C Software 1.2.0

Included updates:

  • Remote Display Reconnect Improvement
  • Change the Distance Measurement Display in 3D C-Scan
  • Distinguish +Point Coils for Surf-X Weld
  • Added Grid Type Display Options
  • Surf-X Data Hiders for C-Scan
  • True Screenshot
  • Bolt Hole Allows for 60 Seconds of Data
  • Added Display Modes
  • Dynamic Bolt Hole Scanner Mode
  • RA-2000 Scanner Interface
  • Analog Output
  • New Surf-X Tape Probes

MIZ-21C Software 1.1.3

Included updates:

  • Surf-X Low Freq and Tape Probe Support
  • Custom Color Palette Option Added
  • Max Inspection Speed Displayed for Encoded Testing
  • Technique Specifies the Array Probe Type

MIZ-21C Software 1.1.2

Included updates:

  • Russian language added
  • Improved stability during language changes
  • Corrected language keyboards

MIZ-21C Software 1.1.1

Included updates:

  • Surf-X Flex and Weld Probe Support
  • Video Out via Wi-Fi Connection
  • Full Two Finger Dynamic Touch Control
  • Faster Touch Input Display
  • Japanese and Portuguese Languages Added
  • Real Time Clock Maintained While Powered Off
  • Added Polar and Sector Alarm Areas
  • Continuous Mode for High SNR Data
  • Added New to Industry SNR Filter
  • Higher Volume Audible Alarm with Volume Control

MIZ-21C Software 1.0.9

Included updates:

  • Bolt Hole Clocking
  • Screen Timeout
  • Monitor Lift Off

MIZ-21C Software 1.0.8

Included updates:

  • Save Setups with Techniques
  • Configure Data Persistence
  • Screen Capture Updates
  • Real Time Measurements
  • Rotating Scanner RPM
  • 10 x 10 Grids
  • Cursor Control Improvements
  • Probe Type Changes

MIZ-21C Software 1.0.7

Included updates:

  • Signal Display Performance
  • Instrument Null Speed
  • Data Buffer Size Increase
  • Mix in All Techniques
  • Conductivity Improvements
  • Sweep Measurements

MIZ-21C Software 1.0.6

Included updates:

  • Software Update Reliability
  • Long Boot Up Mitigation
  • Filters for Pencil Probes
  • Improved I/O
  • ZM-5 Rotating Scanner Support
  • Conductivity Stabilization
  • Live Parameters
  • Bolt Hole Clocking
  • Display Improvements
  • 1:1 Ratio Lock and Top View
  • Measurement Control Improvements
  • Distance Markers on C-Scan and Waterfall
  • Calibration Updates
  • File Saving Changes