Here is the latest version of MIZ-21C software available for download:
MIZ-21C Application 1.0.6
MIZ-21C System 1.0.6
Product Bulletin Document
(please follow instructions listed below the ‘Included updates’ section)

Included updates:

  • Software Update Reliability
  • Long Boot Up Mitigation
  • Filters for Pencil Probes
  • Improved I/O
  • ZM-5 Rotating Scanner Support
  • Conductivity Stabilization
  • Live Parameters
  • Bolt Hole Clocking
  • Display Improvements
  • 1:1 Ratio Lock and Top View
  • Measurement Control Improvements
  • Distance Markers on C-Scan and Waterfall
  • Calibration Updates
  • File Saving Changes


To update the MIZ-21C with this new software version:

    1. Create the following folder structure on a USB drive: \MIZ-21C\Updates\
    2. Copy the downloaded zip files ( and into the Updates folder on the USB drive
    3. Insert the USB drive into the MIZ-21C and go to Tools > System Updates and click Update Software And Firmware
    4. Select from the list:
    5. It will unzip and the MIZ-21C will shutdown (verify by noting that the fans are off)
    6. Press the Power Button
    7. The ‘Gears’ phase will begin and the MIZ-21C will shutdown (verify by noting that the fans are off)
    8. Press the Power Button
    9. Wait for a few minutes. One of two things will happen on restart:
    10. – The application will boot to the normal applications screen, WAIT 5 seconds for the screen to change to the Version Manager;
      – During the boot cycle the user will have a 5 second window to select between ‘Launch’ or ‘Manage Versions’, click Manage Versions to change the screen to the Version Manager

    11. In the Version Manager press Uninstall (there should be a ‘Uninstall succeeded’ message)
    12. Press Install, select from the list: (install will take about 15 seconds, it should complete with the ‘Install succeeded’ message)
    13. Press Open MIZ-21C (if the black Zetec logo persists for more than 2 minutes, press the power button)