MIZ-21C is packed with features for an inspection advantage

MIZ-21C is an affordable and capable handheld device that can handle inspections virtually anywhere. With best in class features that not only save time but open the door to new inspection possibilities.


Surface Array in a Handheld

  • Cost-effective, highly portable solution that delivers significant advantages over Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Increase Uptime, Wherever You Go

  • Features up to a 10 hour battery life so users can operate the unit for an entire shift without recharging
  • Replaceable batteries supporting 24 hour operation

Universal Symbol Buttons & Multi-Language Software

  • One model for worldwide use and deployment
  • Universal symbol buttons handle all functions and are ideal for gloved inspections

Ergonomic Design

  • Small, lightweight and comfortable to handle in tight spaces. MIZ-21C minimizes arm fatigue common with other portable instruments

Intuitive Touchscreen

  • Quickly rotate, zoom and pan using the two finger capacitive display
  • Onscreen keyboard further increases user efficiency.

Flexible Connectivity

  • Interface and transfer files through USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology

Field Ready

  • Fully sealed and temperature rated for most outdoor conditions
  • Drop and vibration tested for rugged use

Highly Versatile

  • Standard ¼-20 Fitting to connect off-the-shelf accessories
  • Removable cover with adjustable hand straps and stand is included

Three Models Available

  • MIZ-21C-SF: Single Frequency, Conductivity
  • MIZ-21C: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner
  • MIZ-21C-Array: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner, Eddy Current Array (ECA)