InSite HT & CT

InSite HT & CT

The Zetec InSite HT and InSite CT are multi-channel, multi-frequency eddy current testing instruments. They are both designed to operate at full production line speeds in tough manufacturing environments. Both the InSite HT and InSite CT are available in 2, 4, and 8 channel versions.

The InSite HT eddy current material structure tester helps you find improper heat treatment conditions such as shallow case depth, short heat, misplaced case, delayed quench, short quench, air cooled or no heat treatment. The InSite HT can be used to test for proper heat treatment on simple parts such as ball bearings and fasteners as well as on complex components such as gears, wheel bearings and axles. The automated eight-frequency, multi-channel test set-up allows you to simultaneously inspect for multiple anomalies at different locations on a single component.

The Zetec InSite CT eddy current crack and flaw tester is built to operate right on your production line, capturing defects on your critical automotive or medical components. Testing time is measured in seconds or fractions of a second, and integration with material handling systems is simplified using the InSite CT’s full industrial I/O capabilities.

InSite HT-CT Combo Model

Get the capabilities of both testers in one unit and save money with the InSite HT-CT Combo. The unit can be converted by the user from HT to CT and back at any time using a USB Key.