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Tubing Inspection NDT Solutions for Manufacturers and Asset Owners

The two most important components in metal tubing are size and strength. Being able to ensure material integrity and dimensional control is crucial to tubing applications. The best way to ensure those is through nondestructive testing solutions. 

Nondestructive testing, particularly eddy current testing solutions for metal tubes, can detect flaws in freshly manufactured tubes before they are shipped out to customers or in-service as the tubes are being used. This can save costly recalls, keep customers satisfied, and ensure customer operations are maximizing uptime.

Eddy current NDT solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing and in-service quality control processes. This ensures higher productivity at lower costs. Eddy current tools are easy-to-use, provide accurate results, and helps to ensure tubing integrity. 

Key pipe and tubing inspection applications include:

  • material integrity (crack detection; thickness measurement; lamination detection)
  • in-line weld inspection (welded tube; weld line defects)
  • in-line ASTM inspections
  • offline baseline inspection of heat exchanger tubing prior to installation
  • post-installation baseline inspections

Tubing Inspection Resources and Applications

Eddy current NDT solutions are as varied as the size and purpose of the tubes and pipes. To demonstrate how our products are used in tubing inspections, explore our application notes, white papers, and webinars describing common tubing inspection techniques.  

Product Recommendations for Tubing Inspections

Eddy current testing solutions can be used for both pre-service and in-service inspections. To find the right equipment for your specific testing application, go to your sector below. If there is a particular application not listed, contact our team of experts. We’re ready to help you find the equipment you need.


NDT Technology

Product Recommendation(s)

Nuclear Plant
Tubing Inspections
Eddy Current MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
RevospECT Pro automated Analysis software 
Array Probes  
Bobbin Probes 
Balance of Plant (BOP)
Tubing Inspections
Eddy Current MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
RevospECT HX Pro automated analysis software 
Array Probes 
Bobbin Probes 
Special Interest Test
Small Flaw Characterization Inspections
Eddy Current
Eddy Current MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
Rotating Probes

Your customers count on strength. They demand durability. Comprehensive tubing inspections help meet their needs. And, eddy current NDT solutions are how you establish flexible, durable, and affordable testing programs. Zetec’s proven line of tools helps strengthen your tubing inspection programs while boosting your bottom line. 

Zetec offers eddy current tubing inspection and highly detailed, automated software for evaluating results and improving output. Visit our contact page to learn more about our tube inspection techniques.