Array Nuclear SG

Zetec leads the industry in array probe technology, featuring patented coils for superior coverage you can’t get with other probes. Our X-probe array provides “one pass” inspections that reduce your cost on the entire process, and our encircling array probes are the top choice for tubes that need to be accessed externally.

Working with our software and instrumentation, our probes deliver high-speed, high-quality inspections. They’re available in standard sizes, and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

As you can see from our large list of proven X-Probes, we can provide the best probe in the industry to meet your specific needs


  • High Stability X-Probe

    The High Stability X-Probe enables faster inspection times and improved detection while lowering total cost of ownership. It offers "one-pass" inspections to acquire both bobbin and special interest tests.

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  • Array Nuclear SG Combo Probes

    Zetec's combination array and bobbin probes help save time and money. Replacing bobbin and special interest testing with a combination array probe can save $100,000s per inspection.  The time saved as well as dose and radiation waste reductions quickly add up.


  • Array Nuclear SG Low Row Probes

    Zetec can provide X-Probes for tubing bends as tight as a 2.5 inch (63.5 mm) radius.  The perfect option for quickly characterizing flaws in tube bends.  The X-Probe can also assist in finding loose part and deposit mapping.


  • Array Nuclear SG CANDU Probes

    Do you have magnetite in your steam generator tubing? Zetec has specially designed X-Probes with inserts in the centering feet to last longer in the presence of abrasive magnetite.  This feature allows the probe data to remain in tolerance longer by reducing wear.


  • Array Nuclear SG EDF Probes

    A combination X-Probe (SAX SMX probe) was created for the French market.  This probe boasts Zetec's array coil technology and a bobbin (SAX) probe that has an electro magnet that can be turned on and off. This provides a quick method for ruling out tube permeability in your data.


  • Array Nuclear SG VVER Probes

    VVER steam generators have significant bends making it very difficult to inspect the tubing.  A specially designed X-Probe was created the can navigate bends that exceed 90 degrees.