High Stability X-Probe


Faster, More Accurate Inspections with Lower Cost of Ownership

The Zetec High Stability X-Probe enables faster inspection times and improved probability of detection, while lowering total cost of ownership. It is designed specifically for Steam Generator Tubing Inspections.

The High Stability X-Probe introduces advanced features that deliver significant benefits. An enhanced centering foot design includes spring supported centering feet and proprietary abrasion resistant material. This innovation enables the probe to center more accurately for a longer period of time. With an ability to inspect more tubes per probe, costs can be lowered as a result of fewer overall probe changes. Additionally, the probe can deliver significantly faster inspections and complete tube coverage. In fact, it finds all indications on the first pass at speeds 40 times faster than Motorized Rotating Probe Coils (MRPC).

High Stability X-Probes are designed to be “one-pass” inspections for acquiring both bobbin and special interest tests. Sizes for 7/8, 3/4, 11/16 and 5/8 tubing are available.