High Stability X-Probe


Longer Probe Life

  • Long Wear Centering Feet Design: Features spring supported centering feet and proprietary abrasion resistant material

Lower Inspection Costs

  • Experience a significant reduction in inspection costs realized from fewer probe changes. Estimates for the cost of a probe change exceed $20,000
  • Exceed your targets by reducing schedule, rad waste and dose


  • Proven equivalency to current array and bobbin Probes: Meets the EPRI equivalency
  • Equivalency reports can be provided to allow the probe to immediately be used as an inspection of record

Finds all Indications

  • Special interest testing quickly performed for all tubes: No need to go back and perform special interest testing on select tubes
  • Provides all indications on the first pass at speeds 40x faster than MRPC
  • Ideal for quickly finding loose parts