Defined and custom solutions

Zetec solutions eliminate the time and risks associated with the development, selection, and integration of individual NDT components into the inspection process.

We offer an array of defined solutions that are ready to be integrated into your NDT environment. They incorporate several Zetec products or custom components to provide quick, cost-efficient solutions. These defined solutions may include everything from instrumentation, probes and sensors to our own software. In addition, Zetec offers engineered-to-order (ETO) custom solutions. All solutions come with impressive track records of successful field use, saving the development time of a one-off custom solution and give our customers the confidence of a proven success.

Our technical experts can assess your needs to determine whether a defined or custom solution will meet your objectives and provide a smooth integration with your existing NDT environment.

Zetec custom and defined solutions are available in eddy current, UT, or a combination of both technologies. We offer several categories of defined solutions based on your inspection needs.