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benefits of real-time fmc
In industries such as oil and gas, major components like pipelines are laid in rough environments where high-temperature hydrogen attack
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Topaz16 paut instrument
In recent years, phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) has changed the industrial take on their non-destructive testing (NDT) approach.
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The total focusing method analysis available in realtime.
Ultrasonic testing has been used in various industries for decades as one of the most efficient flaw detection methodologies. With
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dissimilar metal weld
Welding dissimilar metals allows asset owners to leverage unique properties within each metal to contribute to the final strength and
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High-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) is an unpredictable hazard that can damage the strength and ductility of steel or stainless steel.
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stainless steel testing
Stainless steel is a widely popular material used in a range of industries including aviation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and
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stress corrosion crack
In industries like oil and gas where pipelines are the major components in operation, issues like stress corrosion cracks can
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destructive and nondestructive testing of welds
The criticality of welding in many types of industrial applications demands effective inspection for quality assurance. The common practices for
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tofd inspection hdpe
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a common material used to create pipes in the petrochemical industry. The material is often preferred
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aircraft wheel eddy current inspection
Aircraft wheels can be exposed to an exceptional amount of stress and heat, especially during take-off and landing.
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