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metal casting defects
Casting metals is a complex process of pouring molten metals into molds. The metal doesn't always successfully displace gasses from
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metallurgical flaw detection
Manufactured materials are subject to a variety of discontinuities and imperfections that can shorten the life of the materials. Nondestructive
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Gears of various sizes drive the machinery that powers the modern world. Gear inspections often involve checking their dimensional standards
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weld penetration test equipment
One of the most vital parts of making a strong weld is penetrating the molten metal deep into the seam.
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turbine shaft inspection
Large-scale turbine shafts for operations such as power generation are sometimes fabricated by welding smaller lengths of metal together. Given
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ultrasonic detection of defects in metals
A compilation blog page that provides a short summary of the value of ultrasonic inspection techniques in the inspection of
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portable test equipment ndt
This post will discuss the importance of portable NDT equipment for use in petroleum, routine aerospace inspection, and other fields
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hdpe butt fusion
Butt welds are flat surface to flat surface welds, including the flat facing surfaces of pipe welds. When welding HDPE
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advanced testing instruments ndt
This blog post will discuss the importance of data interpretation in conducting NDT inspection quickly, and producing results that can
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phased array ultrasonic testing interpretation
Interpreting ultrasonic testing can be enhanced with 3D modeling and tracing ultrasonic rays penetration and reflection within the volume of
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