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Aviation NDT improves safety and efficiency.
Aviation NDT: Improving Flight Safety With Cutting-Edge Inspection Solutions
Many NDT techniques have been used in the aerospace field, dating to the early days of flight. Two of the
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Types of defects in ultrasonic testing include cracks, voids, and corrosion
Identifying the Types of Defects in Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic testing (UT) detects many types of aberrations that could jeopardize the integrity of infrastructure or assets. However, knowing the
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Top inspection techniques in oil and gas include eddy current and ultrasonic NDT
What Are the Top Inspection Techniques in the Oil and Gas Industry?
NDT techniques allow workers to inspect welds, pipelines, holding tanks, risers, and other assets. As such, each technique has its
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NDT hull inspections ensure safety at sea
Inspecting the Hull: NDT Equipment for Civilian and Military Hull Maintenance
Due to the complex nature of nondestructive testing (NDT) hull maintenance tests, analysts need a special set of NDT procedures
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Ultrasonic inspection of laser welds can identify critical defects before they turn to damage
Choosing the Right PAUT Equipment for Ultrasonic Inspection of Laser Welds
The use of laser welding in the aerospace industry, particularly for aluminum alloys including AA6013, promises a more effective means
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Eddy current and ultrasonic testing are both effective propeller inspection ndt methods
Propeller Inspection NDT: How Aviation Pros Find the Right Equipment
To achieve comprehensive data during propeller inspections, the best NDT measures include eddy current array (ECA) for conductive materials and
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Eddy current testing allows aviation companies to perform subsurface crack detection
Using Eddy Current NDT for Subsurface Crack Detection in Multilayer Aluminum with Fasteners
When choosing the right ECT equipment for detecting subsurface cracks in fastener-based aluminum, choose an array capable instrument that’s handheld
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Ultrasonic and eddy current techniques are effective for weld joint ndt inspections
Weld Joint NDT: Best Practices for Butt Weld Inspections
While choosing the right approach is vital to conducting effective and efficient butt weld inspections, choosing the right equipment—regardless of
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As steel is conductive, eddy current testing (ECT) is typically the preferred approach for finding surface defects in steel pipe.
Finding Steel Pipe Surface Defects and Cracks with NDT
While magnetic particle testing (MPT) or liquid penetrant testing (LPT) may also be used to detect surface abnormalities, these approaches
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Meeting UT standards for casting ensures regulatory compliance
How to Meet UT Standards for Casting
Several different bodies may provide the most relevant standards for casting, depending on the industry, use case, and alloy. Cast
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