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The total focusing method algorithm provides PAUT technicians greater resolution
Using the Total Focusing Method Algorithm to Enhance PAUT Imaging
The total focusing method algorithm does not summarize. Data from each transmitter/receiver in the array is separately digitized and saved,
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Probe selecting for ultrasonic testing is a critical for proper scanning
Probe Selection for Ultrasonic Testing: Best Practices
Selecting the correct probe is the first step taken when starting an ultrasonic inspection. Probes generate and receive high-frequency sound
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Eddy current NDT improves railroad safety by enabling efficient train wheel inspections
Improving Train Wheel Inspection Efficiency with Eddy Current Array
ECA instrumentation is made to adapt to irregular geometries. Specifically, the coils of a surface array probe can conform to
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NDT standards for welding are developed by several international NGOs
What Are the NDT Standards for Welding?
Many of the standards are mandated by law and company policy, but the early detection of potential hazards is the
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Understanding NDT of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber has become an important material in the aerospace industry in recent years. It provides flexible and durable properties
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Nondestructive testing plays a pivotal role in air force operations
The Role of Nondestructive Testing in the Air Force
Nondestructive testing (NDT) provides essential information to military air fleets. Using ultrasonic and eddy current testing equipment, NDT technicians can
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The difference between destructive and nondestructive testing is in the name
Destructive and Nondestructive Testing Methods: A Comparison
When comparing destructive and nondestructive testing, destructive testing is, in some ways, the most reliable method. However, nondestructive testing (NDT)
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Ultrasonic testing does have thickness limitations, but these are hard to reach
Does Ultrasonic Testing Have Thickness Limitations?
Ultrasonic testing uses piezoelectric transducers to convert electrical impulses into mechanical vibrations. After the vibrations have passed through the object
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Though useful, visual inspection depends on more powerful NDT to truly safeguard infrastructure and equipment
Is Visual Inspection an Effective NDT Method?
Visual inspections are inexpensive and require less training than other testing methods. However, the discipline simply cannot compare to the
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Wind turbine nondestructive testing is accomplished primarily with ultrasonic and eddy current testing equipment.
Wind Turbine Nondestructive Testing: What You Need to Know
Ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing are two leading inspection methods when dealing with wind turbines due to their advanced
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