Portable phased array UT instrument with total focusing method (TFM) capabilities

Introducing the ultra-intelligent TOPAZ64, a  portable 32 or 64 channel Phased Array UT (PAUT) device delivering faster, more reliable inspections. It intelligently combines the power of 32 or 64 active channels for PAUT applications with the industry’s most advanced Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focusing Method (TFM) capabilities.

Ideal for challenging inspections across many industries

TOPAZ64 is ideal for challenging applications in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Transportation. Whether you are inspecting complex composite materials or thick welds, TOPAZ64 delivers better coverage and accuracy.

Featuring the latest in UT including Total Focusing Method (TFM)

TOPAZ64 is packed with smart features to handle all UT inspections in one portable package. It features the latest technologies in ultrasound including:

  • Code Compliant 32 or 64 Channel Phased Array UT
  • High Resolution Full Matrix Capture (FMC) with up to 64 elements
  • Real-Time Total Focusing Method (TFM) up to 1M Data Points per Frame
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

As a result, TOPAZ64 offers advanced inspection capabilities that can improve productivity in the inspection process.

Driven by industrially proven UltraVision Software

TOPAZ64 includes UltraVision Touch software onboard. This powerful, yet easy to use software controls the acquisition of Phased Array UT signals, displays real-time images and provides online and offline data analysis. UltraVision offers advanced features for TOPAZ64 designed to improve Phased Array UT inspections, including real-time high resolution TFM, and post-processed TFM from recorded elementary A-Scans. TOPAZ64 and UltraVision Software support 2D matrix arrays in pulse echo, pitch & catch or multiprobe configurations without the need for any external software.

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It’s better than state-of-the-art

With multiple versions available to meet your specific needs, the new TOPAZ64 is a highly intelligent portable UT instrument that can easily handle all your challenging UT inspections.