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Industrial Inspection and Analysis Solutions Provided by NDT

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is often one of the most integral procedures conducted during manufacturing. In most industries including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation, NDT is adapted to verify the quality of the manufactured component before it’s placed in service.

NDT can work as a quality control process during manufacturing by detecting flaws, inclusions, discontinuities, and non-conformances in the material throughout the lifetime of the production process. Flaws such as cracks, corrosion, porosity, lack of bond, and shrinkages can occur at any stage of the manufacturing process—from the raw material of the component to the fabrication and assembly of the final product. 

Even though quality should be tested at an early stage, the final product must also undergo industrial inspection and analysis to ensure its safety. There are different NDT methods to conduct the necessary inspection.   

Types of NDT for Industrial Inspection and Analysis 

NDT aims to significantly reduce waste and can help to minimize the cost of repair that could potentially be high during later stages of the project. With less waste and improved quality, industries can focus on achieving production goals. 

To validate the quality of their products, industries typically use various NDT methods. These may include:

  • Eddy current testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Radiographic testing
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Acoustic emission testing
  • Visual testing
  • Magnetic particle testing

Eddy current and ultrasonic testing are two of the most widely used inspection methods with the ability to effectively detect cracks, corrosions, porosity, and lack of bond in the component. Zetec can assist you in the selection of eddy current and ultrasonic inspection solutions for your  NDT needs.

Industrial Inspection and Analysis: Resources and Applications

Non-destructive testing is often used for material inspection during machining, fabrication, and assembly phases by a wide range of industries to address their quality control, safety, and productivity needs. We have compiled a list of resources that explain how NDT solutions can help industries to achieve their quality and production goals. 

Product Recommendations for Industrial Inspection and Analysis

Zetec offers a wide range of NDT instruments to meet your industrial specification. To assist in your selection of NDT instruments, we have compiled a list of our advanced industrial inspection and analysis solutions.

ApplicationNDT TechnologyProduct Recommendation(s)
Materials InspectionEddy Current & UltrasoundMIZ-21C – Affordable and advanced handheld
MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
Surf-X Flexible Array Probes 
InSite – Manufacturing Instrument 
TOPAZ Family of Instruments
Weld Quality InspectionEddy Current & UltrasoundMIZ-21C – Affordable and advanced handheld
MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
Surf-X Flexible Array Probes
TOPAZ Family of Instruments
Assembly VerificationEddy Current & UltrasoundMIZ-21C – Affordable and advanced handheld
MIZ-200 – High-performance instrument
InSite – Manufacturing Instrument
TOPAZ Family of Instruments

With Zetec’s advanced NDT instruments, scanners, and probes, industries can improve their inspection process. Effortless assessment at each stage of the production facilitates high-volume production while maintaining the industry standard and quality of the product. 

Zetec can help you match the right NDT instruments for your industrial inspection and analysis requirements. Contact us today to learn more.