Lightweight and strong for effective inspections

There’s no easier way to run an inspection inside your steam generator than with our ZR-100 inspection and repair robot.

It’s field proven to be faster and easier to use than any other inspection or repair robot. Installation and setup of two ZR-100 robots takes less than 20 minutes. With Eddynet/AQ software, you can run up to two robots and four Zetec probes in each channel head.

At less than 35 pounds each, they nimbly crawl through the maze of tubes inside your steam generator, gathering eddy current data along the way. Due to its smaller footprint, size and unique crawling motion, it provides the ultimate flexibility in reaching all tubes within the tube sheet.

Customer testimonial

Read the commendation letter from Shandong Nuclear Power Company LTD. in China regarding how Zetec’s ZR-100 solution delivered an inspection advantage.