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Condensate Heat Exchanger Inspection

Inspection Challenges

When tracking numerous complex indications at multiple locations in a condensate Heat Exchanger inspection, challenges arise when the type and severity of the degradation is unknown due to the limited capabilities of certain bobbin probe technologies.

In this particular example, a customer was faced with several questions to answer about their component.

  • What is the degradation and root cause?
  • Have the historical bobbin results been adequate for future use of the HX?
  • Can we provide qualifying information in order to extend the life of the component?

Recommended Solution & Advantages:

Zetec offered a solution to qualify the historical bobbin indications in this component. Zetec recommended using a CXB4 probe coupled with the Velocity software and MIZ-200 Eddy Current instrument.

Velocity software combined with the CXB4 probe provided two separate (axial / circumferential) cscan/waterfalls. Each display optimized the analysis process by providing the user the ability to differentiate between axial and circumferentially oriented indications. This technology is unique in the industry and delivers a simplified approach to determining the orientation of indications.

The solution provided extensive advantages including:

  • Excellent detection of cracking regardless of orientation
  • Provides Array and Bobbin inspection in a single pass
  • Industry-leading signal to noise ratio
  • Remarkable C-scan presentations
  • High level of detection in a rapid inspection

Zetec Products:

ECI-MIZ200 Flat Perspective 350x185MIZ-200 Eddy Current Instrument
Inspection Confidence in Demanding Environments

  • Industry leading data Signal to Noise Ratio for superior Probability of Detection
  • Rugged, cast aluminum case designed to IP-65 spec for withstanding harsh environments
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • A/C & battery powered

CXB4 smallCXB4 Probe
Array and Bobbin technology combined

  • Ability to detect and differentiate between Axial, Circumferential and Volumetric indications
  • Fast inspection speeds with accurate, detailed results
  • Ridged design for improved probe life
  • Excellent detection of indications at expansion transitions and support structures

VeloSWVelocity Acquisition and Analysis Software
Acquisition, Analysis and Data Management

  • Auto Acquire
  • Industry leading enhanced C-scan presentations – derived from software
  • Tubesheet builder