UltraVision ET


Ultravision ET is packed with powerful features that improve inspection analysis and reporting.


Key capabilities

  • Intuitive 2D and 3D C-Scans
  • Merge C-Scan to view transverse and axial indications at the same time
  • Advanced sizing capabilities for pencil and surface array applications
  • Ability to support and readback MIZ-21C data files
  • Control multiple instruments and support robotics (ZMC2 and ZMC4)
  • In-second configuration adjustments from the acquisition screen
  • Tube land-marking capabilities
  • Customized screen linking
  • Customized acquisition menus optimized for tubing and surface users
  • Import CSV and LST (CARTO) test plans to configure inspection lists
  • Automatic screen captures with graphic tied to report entry

Additional Support

  • MIZ-28 and MIZ-27 eddy current instruments
  • Velocity™ file format – legacy data
  • MultiView/EddyView/ECVision – legacy data