Eddynet PC Software


What’s New for Eddynet version 1.16.7


Added additional ways to notify downstream users of Machine Vision status. Abort criteria in both AN and in the RevospECT Configuration now include a way to trigger on Machine Vision status.


(SM-2x) Added the ability to update the calibration to improve local area performance.

Eddynet/Velocity Habitat SDK:

ZETEC ROBOT ONLY – This model is designed to support non-eddy current processes when using a Zetec robot (ZR-100 or SM-2x series).  THIRD-PARTY TEST PLANNING (AND ZETEC ROBOT) – This model is specifically designed to support eddy current test planning with external data management and planning software while ZAC controls the Zetec robot (ZR-100 or SM-2x series) and MIZ-8xs.  Expanded support for remotely controlling ZAC in Instrument Only mode.

Eddynet/AQ for Acquisition

Features of Eddynet/AQ include:

  • Auto Acquire (AAS & Scripted AAS)
  • MIZ-iD support
  • PIMS (Probe Inventory Management)
  • Data Stripper (X-Probe/Bobbin)
  • Network Hardware Identification Utility
  • Integrated Test Management
  • DQV (optional)

Eddynet/AN for Analysis

Features of Eddynet/AN include:

  • Bobbin, MRPC, Array Analysis
  • Advanced C-Scan
  • E-Resolution
  • APTS
  • Bobbin, Array, D-Probe Profile
  • Multi-datafile comparison

Eddynet/DM for Management

Features of Eddynet/DM include:

  • Inspection Planning & Management
  • Historical Management
  • APTS
  • Special Interest Test
  • PID Test
  • Test Plans and Scanner Tool
  • Extent and Advanced Reporting Tools
  • HMS/EIMS exports
  • Cal-Board