What’s New for Velocity version 1.16.9


For RDTiff-based data, the channels are ordered 1-4 absolute and 5-8 differential. An option was added to allow the user to change it to 1, 3, 5, 7 as differential and 2, 4, 6, 8 as absolute. See the Site Configuration manual for how to use the Order RDTiff Channels By Timeslot/Drive feature. The C-Scan is now showing the display set names setup in Site Configuration for both RPC and Array data.


When using the Test Planning via Habitat mode, the Expand test feature was added to the Test Plan load dialog.


Added the Component Parameter page to the Tubesheet Builder.

Velocity AQ for Data Acquisition

  • Auto Acquire (AAS & Scripted AAS)
  • Network Hardware Identification Utility
  • Integrated Test Management

Velocity AN for Analysis

  • Bobbin, MRPC and Array Analysis
  • Enhanced C-Scan
  • E-Resolution
  • Multi-datafile Comparison
  • One all-inclusive DB per component

Velocity DM for Data Management

  • Inspection Planning and Management
  • Historical Data Management
  • Test Plans
  • PID Test
  • Extent reporting tool
  • Auto Closeout Reporting