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Metalogic Inspection Services – An Advanced Inspection Approach

For Superior Inspections, Metalogic Makes TOPAZ its Standard

Metalogic Inspection Services is a turnkey nondestructive testing company that specializes in phased array ultrasonics and other advanced inspection technologies for asset owners and contractors across a wide range of industries globally.

Metalogic president Bob Simmons puts the company’s primary objective into even simpler terms.

“Our mission is to reduce risk and cost for our customers,” says Simmons.

To accomplish this, Metalogic institutes an approach to inspections called MetaPhase, which combines advanced ultrasound instrumentation, rigorous training, and proprietary data-analysis and reporting software.

“Ensuring the highest level of quality, repeatability, and productivity requires significant investment in service infrastructure, including practical training facilities and software,” Simmons explains. “It also demands the best available platform for phased array and conventional ultrasonic inspections.”

Making TOPAZ the Standard

After an extensive evaluation that included three major equipment manufacturers, the company selected Zetec’s TOPAZ family of instruments with UltraVision software.

“TOPAZ allows us to equip our technicians to handle all inspection applications in one powerful, portable package, including new and in-service pipeline weld inspections, corrosion mapping, and crack detection and monitoring,” Simmons says. “Standardizing our phased array systems across North America is critical to the continuity of our training, analysis software, and inspection procedures.”

One Platform, Maximum Value

Metalogic operates the largest practical training facility dedicated to phased array UT services in North America, and its technicians are trained to maximize the capabilities of TOPAZ to deliver value to its customers.

“Our software, training, and the inspection advantages of TOPAZ allow us to leverage our phased array technician pool across North America at peak times, while ensuring the same inspection accuracy and reporting continuity anywhere the job takes us,” Simmons says. “It’s a significant benefit to our customers.”

TOPAZ delivers Full Matrix Capture (FMC), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), and Total Focusing Method (TFM) capabilities with the ability to save raw A-Scan data for record-keeping compliance or post-processing without rescanning. Technicians can set up inspections quickly and interpret data efficiently, eliminating the need to import focal law files created with an external calculator or to remote-control the system using advanced PC-based software.

When it comes to replacing radiography with phased array, Metalogic developed a versatile inspection kit centered around TOPAZ that includes proprietary scanners, multiple probes, and wedges.

“With radiography you can change the number of films and shot times for different diameters and thicknesses. A phased array inspection can be more complicated,” Simmons says. “With our inspection kits, our technicians have a powerful instrument that configures automatically with their probes, wedges, and accessories, which reduces the risk of delays or production interruptions.”

Increased Efficiency

Metalogic also develops its own data-analysis and automation software, which provides technicians with software-driven tools to aid in detection, characterization, and sizing of flaws. The Zetec UltraVision software development kit (SDK) enables Metalogic to easily integrate its proprietary software with UltraVision and TOPAZ.

Inspections are more accurate and the technician can provide the customer with results in near-real time, Simmons says.

“By integrating our software with TOPAZ we are able to analyze and report at the weld,” he says. “Adding TOPAZ to our phased array service infrastructure has been instrumental in our ability to reduce our customers’ risk and cost.”

Zetec is a global leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions for the critical inspection needs of industries the world counts on every day. To learn more, contact Zetec today!