• MIZ®-200 Portable Eddy Current Instrument
    with Velocity™ Software

  • ZR-100 Inspection & Repair Robot

  • RevospECT

    A Revolutionary Analysis Solution for Eddy Current Inspections


  • ZIRCON - Portable Phased Array UT

    Brilliant Phased Array UT System


  • TOPAZ - Fully Intergrated Phased Array UT

    TOPAZ – Fully Integrated Phased Array UT

  • Weld inspection solution

    Ultrasonic Weld inspection turn-key solution

  • UltraVision: Simple - Evolutive - Powerful


  • DYNARAY® Product Line

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New PDI Qualification for ZETEC


Your Complete NDE Solution

For over 40 years, Zetec has been your trusted partner in mission-critical inspections. We are dedicated to providing the best integrated inspection solutions for the power generation industry worldwide.