Truly revolutionary and faster in every way

  • Provides 2D matrix array probe support without the need for external software
  • Fast data acquisition due to large 2GB file size onboard. Reduces time for processing and creating reports by up to 50% versus previous versions
  • Fast and large data storage (120GB embedded solid state drive) minimizes the frequency of data export
  • Sectorial and linear scanning combine to increase the covered inspection area while reducing scanning time

Powerful onboard analysis

  • TOFD cursors allow onboard TOFD analysis
  • Lateral wave synchronization straightens the lateral TOFD wave so that defect depth measurement is extremely precise
  • Onboard layout manager provides data in a number of easily understandable formats. Users can create their own views to suit particular requirements or preferences
  • All standard or user-created layouts can be shared with other inspectors. They can be exported using the comprehensive connectivity capabilities. Plus layouts created for other inspections can be easily imported

Display and software capabilities reduce need for post-processing

A real time, volumetric merged view is displayed onboard during acquisition so there is usually no need to post-process data on an external machine. TOPAZ32 software is based on the UltraVision core engine so there is no need to convert files between UltraVision Touch (embedded in TOPAZ32) and UltraVision. There’s no need to export files and convert for complex inspections where advanced post-processing is required.