TOPAZ32 is packed with features designed to improve productivity, reduce analysis time and lower total cost of ownership.


Ultra-bright Touch Display

  • Resolution is 64% better than standard displays
  • Offers 33% more surface than 16:9 displays with the same diagonal
  • Dedicated outdoor setting delivers amazing visibility, even in direct sunlight

Powerful Computing

  • New 64-bit onboard computer reduces processing time by up to 50% vs. previous versions

Onboard Calculator

  • Configure inspections on complex specimens like axial or circumferential welds, including different weld profiles supports
  • Supports 2D martrix array probes without additional external software

Performance Processing

  • 2GB data file size capability improves inspection efficiency
  • Create as many inspection groups as needed with up to 1024 focal laws
  • Multiple data files can easily be merged together
  • C-Scan data from different files can be consolidated with the "Data Stitching Tool"

16-bit Amplitude Resolution

  • Signals can be digitized using an 800% FSH scale. This reduces the chances of re-scan due to signal saturation during the acquisition

UltraVision Touch Embedded

  • Advanced focal law calculator with visual feedback allows for easy setup preparation
  • Onboard volumetric merge and measurement tools enable powerful data analysis and inspection report generation

Fast Data Acquisition Speed

  • 64-bit computing power combined with an onboard SSD (solid state drive) allow you to perform challenging inspections with large data files, all without compromising acquisition speed

Rugged and Lightweight

  • The housing is designed so there is no air intake
  • The removable external fan optimizes heat dissipation
  • This design prevents dust, humidity or contamination from getting inside. Plus the unit weighs a total of 6kg so it goes anywhere

2d Matrix Arrays

  • The UltraVision Touch calculator now supports 2D matrix array probes without using external software

Compound Scanning

  • Sectorial and linear scanning combine to increase the covered inspection area while reducing scanning time

Time Reversal Support

  • The first portable instrument to support the Time Reversal technique, which simplifies complex inspections of composite materials

Seamless Integration

  • Connect any Zetec scanner or probe to TOPAZ32 and it will automatically recognize the accessory and preconfigure accordingly

Fast Data Transfer

  • One USB 3.0 port
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • GB Ethernet Connector

Highly Efficient Dual Inspection

  • Two high quality dedicated UT channels allowing conventional UT (pulse-echo, pitch-and-catch, or TOFD) and Phased Array inspections to be carried out simultaneously

Fast, Low Noise and Safe Probe Connections

  • Quality PA UT connector with a solid and secure probe latch