Best in class features delivering new levels of productivity

Since its introduction in 2013, the award-winning TOPAZ ultrasonic instrument family has always stood for portable productivity. TOPAZ16 is no different with best in class features including:

UltraVision Touch Software embedded

TOPAZ16 includes this powerful software onboard. Leverage one single software platform across the entire family of Zetec UT products saving valuable training time and enabling new levels of system synergies. Benefit from powerful features including:

  • Embedded advanced focal law calculator with visual feedback
  • Onboard volumetric merge and measurement tools
  • Interactive help onbaord the instrument
  • Remote control capabilities

Best in class temperature operating range

You can take full advantage of all the power of TOPAZ16 from -10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. Add the optional fan kit and TOPAZ16 delivers in environments up to 53 degrees Celsius. TOPAZ16 is built to meet your specific needs no matter how harsh the environment is.

10.4″ high resolution multi-touch display

TOPAZ16 features a very wide, highly responsive multi-touch screen that not only offers the best resolution in its class but also one of the largest display size to instrument footprint ratios. With TOPAZ16, you can see more data, more clearly inside or outdoors.

Multi-probe and multi group support

The TOPAZ16 makes weld inspections simple with the optional probe splitter accessory.