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Zetec to Host Webinar on Improving Heat Exchanger Inspection Analysis

Zetec will host a one-hour webinar on the use of automated analysis software for more effective heat exchanger inspections in power generation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other applications.

The presenter, Tom Bipes is the field project manager for Zetec’s RevospECT automated analysis products and has over 40 years of experience in nondestructive testing, including education, research and field service.

Those involved in heat exchanger inspections often find themselves asking these difficult questions: Are we consistently capturing every critical flaw indication? How long does it take us to get results we can count and act on? Can we easily see trends over time or re-evaluate previous analysis results?

This webinar will show how automated analysis software can help. The session will demonstrate a technology designed to eliminate many of the inefficiencies and inconsistencies that come from legacy acquisition techniques. Participants will discover a solution that enables analysts to focus on what they do best: identify signals of interest, evaluate them, and make confident decisions about their critical assets.

“Automated analysis software is highly efficient and delivers consistent, accurate results. This webinar will highlight how you can increase inspection scope without adding resources,” Bipes said. “You’ll also see how you can reduce performance variability and subjectivity that is common in a manual process.”

Previously, automated eddy current analysis software required customized development. Today, this cost-effective software is commercially available. The webinar will help heat exchanger asset owners, reliability engineers, maintenance managers, and inspection vendors understand its range of capabilities and benefits.

The webinar has completed. Click here to view the recorded version