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Zetec to Showcase New Products at Fatigue Congress 2018 in France

Zetec will exhibit its newest, industry-leading advanced phased array and eddy current NDT solutions at the 12th International Fatigue Congress 2018 in Poitiers, France, from May 27-June 1.

Zetec serves as a single source for industry-leading instruments, scanners, probes, and software for advanced phased array UT and eddy current NDT technology. This is one of the first opportunities to see Zetec’s latest game-changing innovations live, including:

  • The new TOPAZ®64, which combines code-compliant 64-channel phased array UT with the industry’s most advanced full matrix capture (FMC) and total focusing method (TFM) capabilities. TOPAZ64 is ultra-intelligent ultrasound: it delivers the highest acquisition frequency in its class, exceptional data processing capacity, and the ability to handle all UT inspections in one package.
  • The new MIZ®-21C, the industry’s first truly affordable handheld eddy current instrument with surface array capabilities. The instrument is designed for easy handling, long battery life, and has an intuitive interface that helps improve productivity and deliver more accurate inspections. “MIZ-21C not only saves time, it opens the door to new inspection possibilities by bringing the power of surface array to places it has never been before,” states Jesse Herrin, Eddy Current Systems Product Manager for Zetec.

The International Fatigue Congress will be hosted for the first time in France, where Zetec recently expanded its offices to accommodate regional growth and serve customers and its distributor network in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India.