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Zetec Brings Its Most Advanced Inspection Technologies to NDT in Canada 2019 Conference

Zetec Inc., a global leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) technology, will display its most advanced phased array and eddy current inspection technology at the NDT in Canada 2019 Conference June 18-20 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Zetec’s booth (#35) will feature products and demonstrations that help NDT technicians in oil and gas and other industries deliver faster, more accurate inspections. Among the technology on display:

TOPAZ family of PAUT instruments

TOPAZ fully integrated, portable phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT) instruments now includes the newest model – TOPAZ64 with the industry’s most advanced, live total focusing method (TFM) capabilities. Powered by the proven UltraVision® Touch software, TOPAZ64 is designed for the most challenging ultrasonic technology (UT) inspections, including the detection of high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) prevalent in the oil and gas industry.


LATITUDE non-mechanized probe position and orientation encoding developed by Structural Integrity Associates is fully integrated with the TOPAZ instrument family, allowing a single operator to control the LATITUDE system through the TOPAZ user interface. This revolutionary encoding system can eliminate the need for cumbersome and complex automated scanning technology while still enabling the digitization and recording of inspection results, significantly reduce the time spent per inspection location, and can increase inspection scope without adding resources.

MIZ-21C handheld eddy current testing instrument

The most advanced Eddy Current handheld instrument, the MIZ-21C with surface array capabilities can reduce inspection time by up to 95% compared to traditional handheld pencil probes. The device’s ergonomic design and long battery life mean you can inspect more area without fatigue or lost productivity. The MIZ-21C is available in three models to meet a range of inspection needs and budgets.

NDT PaintBrush ultrasonic scanner

Zetec’s award-winning NDT PaintBrush scanner is agile enough to provide precise, thorough coverage of both flat and curved surfaces with no misalignment. TOPAZ instruments, UltraVision software, and NDT PaintBrush together form a robust and effective ultrasonic scanning system for inspections across many industries.

Zetec is a global leader in the development of instruments, scanners, probes, and software for advanced phased array UT and eddy current NDT technology. Its engineering and manufacturing center in Quebec City is an innovator in the development of phased array UT technology.

The NDT in Canada 2019 Conference is hosted by the Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Evaluation. For show information, visit