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TWI Canada Offers CSWIP Certification Using Zetec TOPAZ Phased Array UT Platform

TWI Canada is now offering CSWIP Certification using Zetec TOPAZ phased array UT instruments. TWI Canada has long been at the forefront of training and certification in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. With demand for highly skilled NDT technicians on the rise, both in the country’s oil and gas industry and for supporting CANDU nuclear reactor refurbishments, the organization is now using the Zetec TOPAZ phased array UT platform and UltraVision 3 software in its CSWIP certification training program.

CSWIP is an internationally recognized standard of competence for people engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity, and inspections. By incorporating Zetec technology into its program, TWI Canada has opened the door to anyone in Canada to get their CSWIP certification training on the industry’s most advanced phased array UT platform. “As a training and certification organization, we want to provide technicians with the same advanced NDT tools and technologies they’ll use in the field,” said M. Reza Arjmand, Country Manager at TWI Canada. “Zetec’s TOPAZ phased array UT technology is helping us prepare NDT technicians in Canada to be productive and qualified from day one.”

Zetec TOPAZ with UltraVision software is a fully integrated multichannel portable phased array system for UT and TOFD applications. With best-in-class data throughput, analysis, and reporting capabilities, it can tackle any inspection with speed and efficiency, and is ideal for oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, and other industrial NDT applications. Furthermore, TOPAZ is future-proof—upgrades are completed through a software update, delivering long-term value.

“Both TWI Canada and Zetec are leaders in promoting NDT techniques and technologies that increase productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce costs,” said Fred Laprise, General Manager of Zetec Canada. “It’s exciting to know that the next generation of CSWIP-certified technicians will receive their training using Zetec technology as an industry standard.”