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Patented Tubing Array Probe Technology

Zetec is the leader in array coil technology. Our patent on reusing transmit and receive coils allows us to create a better coverage per coil density than anyone else in the industry.

For Nuclear Steam Generator environments:

Our X-probe array provides “one pass” inspections that reduce your cost on the entire process, and our encircling array probes are the top choice for tubes that need to be accessed externally. Working with our software and instrumentation, our probes deliver high-speed, high-quality inspections. They’re available in standard sizes, and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

For Power Generation Balance of Plant (BOP) environments:

50 years of leading the industry in developing inspection solutions influences everything we do. That includes leading the way in Array BOP technology. We have secured patents on our coils to give you the confidence that when you’re using Zetec probes, you’re getting the best coverage possible. We provide the best probes for finding circumferential flaws in BOP environments. We can even develop customized probe solutions that are specific to your inspection needs.

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For a true inspection advantage and better probe coverage, discover Zetec’s patented probe technology. Learn more about Zetec Tubing Array Probes